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Quality Lead Auditor & Consultant I Help Implement And Maintain Quality And HSE Management Systems

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, API Q1 / API Q2, Industry Standards Requirements

Jonatan Rivas

Experienced Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Risk Specialist

ISO9001:2015; ISO45001:2018; ISO14001:2015; API Q2; API Q1; OSHA, Industry Standards Specialist

Quality, Safety, Health, Environmental & Risk Specialist with a proven record in successful QHSE Integrated Management System implementation and broad projects.

Management System Implementation to help promote employee engagement, and obtain customer Loyalty.

Lead Auditor & Trainer

Unique ability to train and coach operations managers and QHSE managers to perform QHSE activities such as audits, inspections, meetings, implement integrated management systems, and demonstrate visible commitment with QHSE to raise the level of awareness and avoid QHSE incidents.

Highly skilled developer and implementer of company quality and safety programs as per “Best Practice” with a “Risk-based Thinking” mindset.

Specializing in Management System Implementation and Training ISO9001:2015; ISO45001:2018; ISO14001:2015; API Q2; API Q1; OSHA, Industry Standards and Customer Requirements.

My Services

Management of Change Process

·      MOC Process Procedure

·      MOC Request Form

·      MOC Flow Chart

·      Contingency Planning

·      Risk Matrix

·      MOC Training

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Implementation

·       Gap Analysis

·       Create/Provide/Develop MS documentation

·       Implementation (Road Map)

·       Action Plans

·       Training: MS Training, Reporting, Risk /Opp. Mgmt., etc.

·       Verify effectiveness of MS, internal Audit (gap analysis review)

·       Action Plans: Filling the gaps

·      Ongoing effectiveness verification MS (Mgmt. Review)

Quality Plans

·      Quality Plansper Customer specific requirements (To be approved by customer)

·      Activity (Description of Activity)

·      Reference documents and Procedures

·      Acceptance Criteria

·      Verifying Documentation

·      Inspection / Surveillance Activities

Management System Tools

·       Reporting Tools

·       Incident Reporting process, Root Cause Analysis Chart

·       NCRs

·       Corrective Actions / Preventive Actions (CAPA)

·       Management of change (MOC)

·       Risk Assessments

·       Opportunity Assessments

·       Internal Audit tools

·       Design and Development Tools

·       Purchasing Supplier Control

·       Customer Feedback

·       KPIs

Customer Feedback

·       Customer Satisfaction process

·       Transactional and/or Comprehensive Surveys


·      Customer Satisfaction Process

·      Transactional and/or Comprehensive Surveys

Internal Audits

·      Internal audits Tools

·      Internal Audit Results / Reports / Action Plans / Indicators

Risk & Opportunity Management

·       Context

·      Risk Management Process

·      Risk Base Thinking Training

·      Hazard Identification Training

·      Risk Matrix

·      Risk Assessment Forms

·      Required Forms & Records

·      Risk Management Procedures

MS Documentation

·      Q & HSE Policies

·      Other required Policies and Commitments,

·      Quality Manual / Context

·      Minimum required System Procedures

·      Flow Charts, Work Instructions

·      Required Forms & Records

·      Document & Record Control

Reporting Process

·      Incident reporting and investigation procedure

·      Incident reporting forms and reports

·      Reporting process training

·      Corrective/Preventive Actions

·      Non-Conformance process

·      Root Cause Analysis Chart

·      Action Plan (follow up)

Purchasing and Supplier Control

·      Control of outsourced processes

·      Supplier Controls

·      Purchasing Process Workflow

·      Purchase verification Chart

·      Purchasing requirements Checklist

·      Supplier Approval Process

Jonatan Rivas QHSE

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